The Agency- A Spy in the House

-Y. S. Lee-


Mary, rescued from being hanged at the age of twelve by Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls, was transformed from a pickpocket into a young lady. Or so it seemed. A young lady may be the wrong word for someone who can pick open locks with a hair pin and knows boxing. Mary is sent on her first mission with The Agency. It is suppose to be a simple one; all she has to do is listen. Mary is under the pretense of being a paid companion to Angelica, the daughter of the man The Agency suspects. Well, nothing ever goes according to plan. Especially not if you have a first-timer along.


I loved A Spy in the House. It was a really well-written novel and the storyline was awesome. I really liked the humour in it; it was dry humour, so the kind I use 🙂 . I also really liked how it shows that girls are, and always have been, capable of accomplishing the same things as the guys. This book shows that in some situations we might even be better!


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