Little Blog on the Prairie

-Cathleen Davitt Bell-


When Gen’s parents tell her they’ve decided to spend the summer at a 1890s-themed family camp, Gen flat out refuses. With some persuading, Gen ends up going, but is determined not to have a good time. The camp isn’t so much of a vacation, as it is experiencing what life was like back then. Each family is given a couple chickens, a cow, a cabin, and a few acres of land, and the competition is on.  Gen secretly manages to text her friends back home, who then put her texts up on a blog. There is also Nora, the camp directors’ daughter who is determined to make Gen’s life miserable. How is Gen going to survive the next week, let alone the whole summer?


I didn’t particularly like Little Blog on the Prairie. While the idea for the story was good, all the main character did was complain. Okay, I get that she wasn’t in the best situation, and sure, some complaining is fine, but there seemed to be an awful lot of it. Also, I found myself rolling my eyes at the romance ending. It’s an overused plot device and didn’t really fit the whole storyline.


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