Chataine’s Guardian

-Robin Hardy-


On her tenth birthday, Chataine Dierdre is appointed a guardian by her father, the Surchatain. Dierdre assumes Roman, her guardian, is just another servant, and treats him as such. Roman also calls himself a “Christian”. Dierdre has heard of people who are Christians, but has never met one, and she doesn’t exactly know what being a Christian really means. As Dierdre grows up, she realizes that she has fallen in love with Roman, but being the Chataine means she can’t marry whoever she wants.


This is definitely one of my favourite books. I love how Hardy takes Christianity, which is the largest religion in our society, and shows what it would be like as a minority in a different world.  I found that time in the first book of the Annals of Lystra goes by really fast, while the other two books, Stone of Help, and  High Lord of Lystra, look at only a couple of years at a time. I like both styles; the first is more informative, and the next two are a lot more action packed.


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