Throne of Glass

-Sarah J. Maas-


Celaena, a 19 year old well-known assassin, is taken to the castle by the Crown Prince after spending a brutal year in slavery at the Salt Mine. The King is having a competition for twenty-three thieves, warriors, and killers, and one of them will become the King’s Champion and later earn their freedom. The King’s Champion is basically someone to do the dirty work for the King. Celaena is the only girl in the competition and her sponsor, the Crown Prince, wants to keep her real identity a secret, so she competes under the name of Lillian. Along with the other competitors, Celaena has to pass many tests and prove the she is the most capable assassin. Not only might she lose the competition, she might be sent back to the Salt Mines or worse, be murdered. There is someone who seems to have a thirst for champion blood.


I was quite impressed with Throne of Glass. It was a really good book and held my attention the whole time. I picked it up, read for three hours straight, and finished it. It was really well written. I love that the main character, Celaena, is an assassin. Sure, she is ultimately a good guy, but she’s committed her share of murders. Throne of Glass is the first book in the series and I’m looking forward to continuing the rest of them. Throne of Glass mentions a lot of Celaena’s back story, but only in passing; I hope the rest of the series fills in the blanks.


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