Learning the Ropes

-Monique Polak-


Mandy has been accepted to go to a circus camp in Montreal where young circus performers from all around the world come together to learn more of what they specialize in. Mandy’s specialty is climbing. To be more specific, the ropes.There is one other girl, Genevieve, with whom Mandy will be competing for a spot in the famous Montreal Circus College. Genevieve specializes in tissue, which she believes is more feminine and crowd-pleasing. Which girl can get to the top the fastest?


I thought Learning the Ropes was a pretty good book. It had a lot of information on the circus that only someone who did their research would know. One critique that I would have would be that everything goes too right for the main character. I’ll try not to spoil the story, but Mandy’s problems seem really short lived. Otherwise, it was a fairly good read.


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