Star of Light

-Patricia St. John-


Kinza, Hamid’s blind baby sister, is going to be sold to a beggar by their step-father. So Hamid and his mother decide that Hamid has to escape with Kinza. The story follows Hamid and Kinza’s journey through Morocco to find an English missionary. But even when Kinza is supposedly safe, Hamid can’t go home in fear of his step-father. What happens when danger comes and finds the two siblings?


I really liked Star of Light. My mom used to read Patricia St. John’s books out loud to me and my sister when we were younger. I picked this book up again a few years ago without knowing I had read it before. I still enjoyed Star of Light a lot, and have read it a couple times since. I really liked how the English missionary is described from Hamid’s point of view, and this book has fueled my desire to be a missionary one day even more.



Morocco is in North Africa; it borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and it is between Algeria and the Western Sahara. In 1953, when Star of Light was written, the population was 9 837 752. Now, the population is 33,655,786 and 99% of it is Muslim. Morocco is about one-tenth larger than California.



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