Memory of Water

-Emmi Itaranta-


Noria Kaitio lives in a time of limited water. The past-world used up such a huge supply of water that now it has to be rationed. Noria has just become a tea-maker, like her father, and her father has shown her a secret: “the place that doesn’t exist”, a stream deep within some caves. When trouble arises, Noria must figure how to keep the water a secret from the military, because if they learn of it, none of the villagers will hear of the water again.


Memory of Water was a really interesting book. It had a bunch of really good lines in it, such as: “Death is water’s close companion. The two cannot be separated, and neither can be separated from us, for they are what we are ultimately made of: the versatility of water, and the closeness of death” (pg 5). The whole book isn’t written like that though; it has a full storyline. I did find the ending a bit confusing; I was glad for the epilogue.


Water Usage

Right now in North America, we are using an average of 300 – 380 litres of water per person per day. Worldometers says that worldwide we are now withdrawing three times as much freshwater than 50 years ago. That’s scary. What`s mentioned in Memory of Water could actually happen one day.



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