Warrior Princess

-Frewin Jones-

After the death of her brother at the hands of Saxon warriors, Branwen’s parents send her to the kingdom of Gwent to fulfill a prearranged marriage to Hywel ap Murig, a man she’s only met once, when he was six and pulled her hair. Because of the threat of Saxon warriors, the main route to Gwent isn’t safe, so Branwen travels to the kingdom of Bras Mynydd on her way to Gwent. She is delayed and has to wait in Bras Mynydd for a few days. Branwen does her best to fit in with the two princesses, but with their cultures being so different and the princesses looking at her as if she is a barbarian, it doesn’t go well. There is also the small matter of messing around with destinies which doesn’t help either.


Warrior Princess wasn’t as good as I expected it to be. There wasn’t a lot of action except for the first and last chapter, and a couple little bits in the middle. It was also a bit of a cliché storyline, but it’s hard to find books nowadays that aren’t. It started off really good and I thought it was going to be a well-written ending, but then the author made a bit of an odd conclusion. It fit the story, but it wasn’t the best ending possible. I really liked how the author described Branwen not fitting into the culture at the castle, though, it was written very realistically.


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