The Friday Society

-Adrienne Kress-

It all starts with an explosion. Cora Bell is the assistant to a scientist and is creating her own experiments. Nellie Harrison, a circus assistant, can do just about anything onstage. She can create illusions, get out of any type of box, and amaze crowds. Michiko Takedo can work her own type of magic with her katana. Being new to London and not being able to understand much English, Michiko has to depend on instinct and her samurai abilities to help her. When the three girls meet, they combine their unique and brilliant minds and skills to work together and solve a mystery.


The Friday Society was such a good book, but the title didn’t totally fit. I love how the author went so in depth about each of the characters’ situations. She obviously researched the topics she wrote about. I also really liked how the three girls showed that girls can, and always have been able to, make a difference, even when they are not in positions of power. The Friday Society is a slightly more mature read, just a caution, but it was an unquestionably good book.


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