Amy Carmichael: Rescuer of Precious Gems

-Janet and Geoff Benge-


This book follows Amy Carmichael’s life as a missionary. When her father dies, Amy has to drop out of school to look after her younger siblings. Then, she starts her work with the shawlies. And finally she hears a calling from God to go to India. Amy faces many struggles in India, including having babies abandoned at her door. Soon Amy is known as “Amma” or mother to them. Amy knows that God will help her through it all, maybe not in the way she would expect, but he will help.


Amy Carmichael has been my hero for many years. I believe this book was the first of many about her that I’ve read. I love the way the book tells about her whole life, not just when she was a missionary in India. This book also inspired my love for India; it has been the country I’ve wanted to go to for the longest. The Christian Heroes: Then and Now series has 44 books ranging from Count Zinzendorf (1700-1760) to people like Loren Cunningham who is still alive today. It has an amazing variety of missionaries and other heroes to choose to read about, so no matter your interests, there is a book for you in this series.



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