-Anne Aguirre-

As a brat, Deuce has always wanted to be a Huntress. If a brat survives his or her first fifteen years they get to join either the Builder, the Breeder, or the Hunters. Now her dream has come true; she bears proof of it with the three long scars on her arm. Now she has to brave the tunnel filled with Freaks to keep the enclave safe. Nothing is going to stop her from doing the role she has always dreamed of, not even Fade, the partner she gets stuck with. Fade has a mysterious past and doesn’t like obeying orders, but Fade also gets Deuce thinking about whether the information she has accepted her whole life is really the truth.


Enclave was an okay book, but nothing really stood out for me. It has an interesting view on what the world could end up like in a couple hundred years, or maybe just a few decades. I liked how it was written cleanly; Aguirre could have easily put a slightly dirtier twist on it, which would have made it a much less pleasant read. Overall it was a good book, though.


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