The Lost Island of Tamarind

-Nadia Aguiar-

Maya Nelson has grown up on Pamela Jane, her family’s sailboat, her whole life, along with her younger brother, Simon, and her baby sister, Penny. She has always loved living on a boat with her family. She loves knowing more about the sea and sea creatures than any other kids her age. But recently she just wants to live on land and go to a normal school, and most of all, she wants a best friend. But, during a nasty storm, her parents get washed overboard. Maya is left to fend for her siblings. They land on a strange island that isn’t even on the map. Maya and Simon, carrying Penny, walk through a forest with flesh eating vines and all sorts of other dangers. During their trip through the Island of Tamarind, Maya and her siblings face a number of different dangers, each just as scary as the last, ranging from jaguars, to pirates, to an evil child-stealing women. Will they be able to find their parents in time, before anything else happens? The odds are leaning towards no.


The Lost Island of Tamarind was a very action-packed novel. While I liked the plot idea, the book almost had too many small problems that the characters had to go through, so the storyline didn’t focus much on the main plot. Also there were too many questions left unanswered at the end, which is good if you want to make up your own ending, but isn’t if you want to know what the author had planned.


Marine Biologists

What a marine biologist does can vary a ton, but it involves either studying, observing, protecting, or managing marine organisms. That includes blue whales down to plankton. The Nelsons studied different types of smaller sea animals and they spent most of their time on a boat. Other marine biologists can spend all their time in a lab; it all depends on what type of marine biologist they are.


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