The Outsiders

-S. E. Hinton-

Fourteen-year-old Ponyboy Curtis is part of the Greasers, a group from the opposite side of town than the rich kids, the Socs (short for Socials). The Greasers and the Socs have been rival gangs for as long as anyone can remember. One night, Ponyboy and his friend, Johnny, end up in a fight with a couple of Socs and things end up going too far. The two boys, running from the police, learn that the world might not be as divided as they thought.

I really enjoyed The Outsiders. I was pretty impressed when I heard that Hinton was only 16 when she wrote the book and she had it published by the time she was 18. I first read it when I was in 8th grade for a novel study, and to be honest I didn’t think I’d like it much. But I did. Even though I couldn’t relate to a lot of the scenarios in the book – I’m completely clueless on gangs and fights except for what I’ve read in other books – I could relate to a few things with Ponyboy being the same age as I was. I also liked Hinton’s Taming The Star Runner, and I could relate a bit more to that one because I had read The Outsiders.


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