The Warrior Heir

-Cinda Williams Chima-

Jack lives in Trinity, Ohio. There is absolutely nothing remarkable about his life. That is, before he learns about the Roses. The only things that sets Jack apart from other high-schoolers are he has to take daily medication and he has a thin scar above his heart. One day, Jack accidentally skips his medicine. He feels stronger, fiercer, and way more confident than he ever has before. He has a great day, until soccer tryouts. At the tryouts he loses control of his strength and sends a kid flying into a goal post, nearly killing him. Then Jack learns the truth about himself, he is a Weirlind, part of a magical society who are hidden among us. There is a magical tournament between two feuding houses: Red Rose and White Rose. Each house sponsors a warrior to fight to the death. The house that wins rules the Weir. As if all that isn’t enough, Jack isn’t just a normal member of the Weirlind either, he is one of the last warriors.

The Warrior Heir wasn’t a bad book. Honestly when I first started reading it, it reminded me of The Prince of Neither Here nor There by Sean Cullen. The storyline was interesting, but I knew what was going to happen by halfway through the book. The ending was quite obvious. So it was a bit cliche.


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