-Robin Stevenson-

Cassie gets chosen to do an exchange program with a dance studio in Canada. The students from Canada seem to have their own little clique, with Melissa as leader. At first, they seem to accept her, but after she stands up for the other exchange students who are being bullied, she puts a target on her own back. Also, there is an audition for The Nutcracker coming up; how far will Melissa go to be picked to play Clara?

Attitude was a good book. I found there wasn’t a lot of action in the book; maybe that’s because I’ve read too many adventure novels. There were a lot of characters briefly mentioned in the novel, and it was hard to keep them all straight. I found the ballet hard to relate to; the last time I did ballet I was four. But the part about cliques and bullying is in schools everywhere, both special academies and public high schools.

Ballet terms


Standing on one leg and having the other leg raised behind you, extended in a straight line.


The horizontal wooden bar that is attached to the walls of a ballet studio that the dancers hold on to for support.

First Position:

Heels together, toes pointed to the side, creating a straight line.


Half of a plie, graceful bending of the knees while turning the feet and hips out. Both feet stay on the floor the whole time.


Extending the leg straight out from the supporting leg with foot fully pointed – front, side or back.


Raising of the thigh in the air with the knee bent so the pointed foot is behind or to the side of the supporting knee

A Développé

Drawing one leg up to the knee of the supporting leg and slowly extending it in the air, held there with perfect control


A complete spin or rotation on one foot, done on either point or demi-pointe


Raising the leg behind the body, bent 90 degrees at the knee


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