-Jennifer Nielsen-

Sage is a defiant, clever, and stubborn boy. He and two other orphans are taken by Master Conner, a noble and regent of the king, to compete for the place of impersonating the king’s long-lost son; the losers will be killed. Sage knows he has to win, not just for his sake, but for the sake of the whole kingdom. But Sage has a bad habit of causing problems everywhere he goes. Will Sage be able to convince Conner that he is the right boy to play the prince?

This book is really well written and I love the plot twist at the end. I have read The False Prince a number of times, even twice in French. It is part of a trilogy; I like the first book the best, but the others aren’t bad. I really like Sage’s character; he’s fun to read about. I also love the style of humour in this book.


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