Monument 14

-Emmy Laybourne-

Dean, along with five other high schoolers, two grade eights, and six little kids, gets trapped in a grocery store after a devastating hail storm destroys his school bus and kills many people. The fourteen kids have to come up with a way to get along and, most importantly, to survive. As if that’s not enough, there is a chemical leak at a nearby factory that is making some people go crazy and attack others. So, Dean is struggling with the normal teenage problems, while also trying to figure out how to keep himself and the others alive.

Monument 14 was an okay book. Definitely not the best one that I’ve read. It had a very captivating storyline and I often lost track of time whenever I picked Monument 14 up, but there were a lot of teenage boy problems. Sure they helped the story move along, but they aren’t the sort of things I usually choose to read about. There is a sequel; there has to be after the sort of ending it has, and I really want to know what happens, but I’m probably not going to end up reading it.  


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