-Teri Terry-


Kyla has been Slated. Her memory has been erased. Kyla can’t remember who or where she is.  The government claim she was a terrorist, but she doesn’t think they are telling the complete truth. They are willing to give her a second chance as long as she plays by their rules. Kyla’s memory is supposed to be completely gone; she shouldn’t keep remembering things about her past, but she does. So Kyla and her friend Ben work together to uncover the truth.



I loved the main idea of the book. It was well written and it kept me in suspense the whole time. Slated is the first of three books. I liked it better than the other two, but you wouldn’t be able to stop after the first one. It’s a bit scary that something like what happens in Slated could happen in the near future; the government may soon find a way to erase memories and give criminals a second chance.


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