The Treasure Tree

-John Trent-


Lance the Lion, Honey the Golden Retriever, Giggles the Otter and Chewy the Beaver set out for an adventure to find the four golden keys to unlock the treasure tree. They encounter many problems along the way. Each of them will have to use his or her unique personality to solve the problems.


I was going through my childhood books the other day and came across The Treasure Tree and reread it. It is a really good book for understanding each other’s different personalities and it is a cute story too. It also has a quiz at the back to determine whether your personality is most like the lion, otter, golden retriever, or beaver. The four personalities are similar to the DiSC personality groups, but use what we know about animals to help kids understand them.


Want to try it out? The Treasure Tree online test can be found at:

It told me I am most like a golden retriever (with a little bit of lion thrown in!). What about you?


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