Five Go Adventuring Again

-Enid Blyton-

Julian, Dick, Anne, and their tomboy cousin Georgina, who refuses to answer to anything but George, along with Timmy, the dog, all go to Kirrin Cottage for Christmas break. None of the children are happy when they hear that Uncle Quentin has hired a tutor for them for the holidays. George doesn’t like Mr. Roland, the tutor right from the beginning. He makes Timmy sleep outside, and George refuses to talk to him. Then, the five discover a map at Kirrin Farmhouse. They try to keep it a secret, but eventually end up asking Mr. Roland to help them decipher the writing on the map. And a mystery emerges


Five Go Adventuring Again is a Famous Five book, therefore it is a mystery. I love reading Enid Blyton’s books, but they are a bit hard to find at some libraries and book stores. Blyton has a way of capturing her audience and making them feel like they, too, are trying to solve all the clues in the mystery. The back of the book claims the target audience is 8-12, but I still enjoy reading them as a teenager.


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