-Bev Cooke-


Little Cat lives at a subway station. Two-legs are dangerous and untrustworthy, Little Cat knows this, but a couple of them are nice, she trusts them, like Candlewax and Katherine. They bring her extra food, which is nice because Little Cat doesn’t like to go on the platform at busy-time or grumpy-time, there are too many hard shoes that attempt to kick her. Little Cat can hear the shards and brittle edges of people’s voices, she knows they are lying. She doesn’t want Candlewax to go along with them. There are other dangers besides two-legs at the station, there are rats and the horrors of the dark tunnel too.


I found it a very interesting book, the way it is done from the cat’s perspective. I wasn’t so fond of the storyline itself. I also found that it has a good number of swears in it. Had I known that before I picked it up, I wouldn’t have read it. The profanity is completely unnecessary. It would be a fine and still relatable book without it One thing that I found very different with the book being from the cat’s perspective is that there were some details that would usually be included that aren’t and some things that Little Cat notices aren’t always noticed by humans.


Feral Cats

A feral cat is a cat that is born in the wild or outdoors and doesn’t have much human contact. It is different from a stray cat. A stray cat was once a pet until it got lost or abandoned by its owners. A feral cat has grown up in the wild, it can be the offspring of a stray cat or a feral cat. A feral cat is not likely to ever approach a human and usually tries to find the nearest hiding spot. A stray cat will sometimes approach a human, as it has known comfort from them before. Both types of cats can seem feral if frightened or trapped.


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